WebHostInspector financially operates through affiliate commissions

Why are we disclosing this?

We believe that honesty and transparency are very important in the service that we offer. That’s why we want to make sure our visitors are well aware of how we operate and how we present the information to them. We believe that this kind of practice can only lead to a relationship of trust.

How does it work?

An affiliate commission occurs only when you (the visitor) check and read a particular Hosting review, and then make a decision to order that service and use our link for the purchase.

How does this affect the reviews?

Affiliate commissions do not have any influence on the reviews and the way they are made.

Testing and reviewing webhosting services can be financially demanding. Especially considering that we do purchase the hosting service as an end-user in order to make an informed and unbiased recommendation based on our tests and benchmarks. So commissions help us a lot with the hosting purchases that we review as well as covering the expenses of the servers, management, and maintaining of the project itself.

Will this cost me any extra fees?

Absolutely not. When you purchase your webhosting services through an affiliate link on WebHostInspector, you pay exactly what you would if you were to place your order after accessing the provider’s website directly.

In fact, here at WebhostInspector you might even find good deals on Webhosting service in order to reduce your hosting bills. You can check our hosting discounts for more details.