There is no doubt is that when it comes to building a websites or an online business, the domain name is considered as one of the important elements of your project, and that is because it represents the name of your brand, services, and the address that your visitors or future clients can reach what you have to offer.

Regardless of whether you already own a domain name right now, or planning to get one soon for your project, you should always ask yourself this when thinking about domains. Am I actually registering and renewing my domain with the best price available?
And guess what? You’re probably not. We at WebHosInspector made a study on this and found out that most website owners are very likely to over pay for their domains or for services associated with them while they can save up some cache on that if they just made a small and effortless research for alternatives.

The thing is, most users would typically go for the big boys, you know, GoDaddy,, HostGator … and the list goes on, and just pay for whatever the domain costs there, thinking that they got themselves a cheap domain, only when you do that, you are missing out on opportunities to get the same domain for a cheaper price on another provider. And here is why:

You see, in the domaining world there is a services called domain privacy policy, and this is basically an option that comes with most domain extension and which hides the personal data associated with your domain. Without this option enabled, your personal data is exposed online and can easily be accessible via WHOIS engines such as So all in all, it’s an important option that should activated on any domain you register.

Domain prices can vary from one registrar to another, so the difference isn’t huge in this case and probably won’t matter to most people, only some registrars can add a fee for the privacy protection option that we talked about which increases the total price of the domain making it far from being in the cheap domains category.
For example during our reached for cheap domains, we found out the a well known registrar like Godaddy charges 9.99$ for privacy protection, offers the option for free for the first year, then you’ll need to renew it for 4.99$, and HostGator on the other hand requires a ridiculous fee of 14.95$.

With many different registrars charging different prices, we at WebHostInspector found a great registrar that offers cheap domains at good prices, and guess what, you don’t even have to pay for the privacy policy as it’s offered free of charge.
Our registrar of choice is Uniregistery, we’ve chosen and used this registrar for a while now and have migrated all our domains as well as out clients’ with no regrets.

Uniregistery provides an elegant and easy to use interface which allow you to quickly register, transfer and manage your domains.