What is Free Webhosting?

Free webhosting is basically as the name suggests a service that allows you to host your website for free.

Is it worth it?

How can I get it?

There are currently many providers that offer free website webhosting, and the only difference between them is the features or the ressources that you get with the service. It’s also important to mention that most of not all providers offer this free service with the intention to upsell a paid hosting later when you’re website gets bigger and starts requiring more ressources.

Here at WebHostInspector we’ve used and tested a number of free website hosting provider and came up with this list that you can choose from in order to host your website for free.




A cheap alternative?

We personally recommend free webhosting only if you are just getting into website creation or blogging or learning web development, however if you already know that you will be serious about your website or blogging, we recommend this cheap alternative. The idea here is to use Blogger and a cheap domain name, and this way you’ll only be paying for the cost of the domain. You get check this link guide on how to get a cheap domain.